The Perfect New Year’s Eve Pairing

The Perfect New Year’s Eve Pairing

Posted by Ovais Ahmed

ASPIRE x egglife egg white wraps

We’ve teamed up with ASPIRE® Healthy Energy Drinks to bring you the perfect New Year’s Eve pairings that will keep you energized, fueled and dancing all night long! Enjoy our chocolate hazelnut & raspberry sweet cinnamon egglife wrap and sip on a refreshing raspberry mojito ASPIRE mocktail as you ring in the New Year!

ASPIRE drinks are lightly sparkling and deliciously refreshing with no calories, no sugar and no carbs. With 80 mg of natural caffeine from premium green tea and essential vitamins, ASPIRE gives you smooth, sustained energy and focus with no jitters so you can make the most of your day or night!

Both egglife wraps and ASPIRE drinks fit perfectly with nearly every dietary lifestyle! Deliciously low carb, gluten-free, zero sugar and keto-friendly, egglife wraps and ASPIRE drinks are the perfect pairing for a simple meal you can feel good about!

Ready to WOW your guests with better-for-you NYE recipes? And don’t miss out on more lunch & dinner egglife x ASPIRE pairings below!

egglife pepperoni pizza + ASPIRE Dark Cherry Lime

A classic meal with a better-for-you twist!. It’s time for a gluten-free pepperoni pizza party! Bake our original egglife wrap in the oven for a low carb, protein packed pizza crust. Add your favorite ‘za toppings & serve as a lunch, dinner or cut into bite-sized pieces for a fun appetizer! Quench your thirst with a tasty bubbly drink that’s a healthy twist on your favorite cherry soda (but better!). ASPIRE Dark Cherry Lime is refreshingly brisk, enticingly smooth, and has a twist of lime to get the party started.

egglife steak pineapple tacos with mango salsa + ASPIRE Mango Lemonade

If you like Mexican food with a kick, you’re going to love this food and drink pairing! Swap traditional carb-heavy tortillas for our southwest egglife wraps and enjoy these spicy steak pineapple tacos for a zesty low carb meal! For a side, air fry egglife wraps to make crunchy chips and dip into this fresh mango salsa! The sweet and tangy taste of ASPIRE Mango Lemonade perfectly compliments these delicious tacos and chips, leaving  you feeling refreshed with each sip.

egglife chocolate hazelnut wrap + ASPIRE Raspberry Acai Mojito Mocktail

Looking for a delicious, protein-packed dessert? Look no further! Our sweet cinnamon egglife wrap adds 5g of protein to this simple chocolate hazelnut raspberry wrap! Satisfy your dessert cravings while you sip on the delightfully sweet & fresh ASPIRE Raspberry Acai! We love this pairing on its own, but if you’re looking for a little something extra to celebrate the New Year, try out ASPIRE’s delicious Raspberry Acai Mojito mocktail!

egglife chocolate hazelnut raspberry wrap


  • 1 sweet cinnamon egglife® egg white wrap
  • 2 tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread
  • ⅓ cup raspberries


  1. Spread chocolate hazelnut spread over sweet cinnamon egglife.
  2. Sprinkle raspberries over chocolate hazelnut spread. Fold wrap in half and enjoy!
  3. TIP – Make this recipe dairy free by substituting the chocolate hazelnut spread for melted dairy free dark chocolate.

ASPIRE Raspberry Acai Mojito Mocktail


  • 1 cup Raspberry Acai ASPIRE
  • 3-4 raspberries
  • half oz of sugar free raspberry syrup
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • half ice
  • 2-6 mint leaves


  • Muddle the raspberries and 3-4 mint leaves in a glass.
  • Pour your ASPIRE Raspberry Acai into the cup with the muddled raspberries and mint leaves.
  • Optional step: Stir the drink and strain the muddled raspberries and mint leaves out into a different cup. This step is not necessary, only if you don’t want pulp in your drink.
  • Add the lime juice and ice – stir
  • Garnish with 2 mint leaves and enjoy!

Tag @egglifefoods on Instagram to share how you enjoyed egglife wraps and ASPIRE drinks during your NYE celebrations! Head over to egglife’s store locator to find egglife egg white wraps chillin’ in the refrigerated section near you and find ASPIRE drinks at a store near you here!